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Epiphany …

September 2, 2008
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Or something of the like.  I registered for this blog without an idea of what I was going to blog  about or whether I was going to blog at all.  I  thought maybe I was going to maybe make it  a diary type.  Do people really read those?  I don’t.  I never want to know that your newborn is teething or that the chinese that you had for lunch was dry and the waitress was rude.  I just don’t care. 

 I posses a particular wit and humor that does not really translate well to the blogosphere.  And you know , people that try to be funny rarely  are.  I’m more sarcastic anyway,  I doubt that I could engage in witty banter on my own.  Well not if I want to appear to be sane.

I though that maybe this could be the official blog for my etsy shop, I am actually still dancing  with that idea. It’s less of a tango and more of a two step.  Maybe I’ll just write haiku on Mondays and pantoums on Thursdays.  I doubt if I am that disciplined.  Politics? No.  Race?…Isn’t that the same?  Sex?  Not my area of expertise.  I am leaning toward making this a place for my creative non-fiction and short stories.

Where does this leave me?

 Exactly where I was before, just with a second blog post and more to think about.


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