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Steal this show

September 3, 2008

US television networks are no stranger to show stealing.  Sometime it works…think The Office.  Often times it doesn’t.  Remember Coupling?  There’s no point. Really.  Lets not forget all of these countless not …I Just Got Ate By A Hole And Got WipedOut nonsence that seems to be taking the decent folk hostage.

Sensationalism and homogeny is the name of the game.  And what is better than when is actually is a game?  So please steal BRITAIN’S  MISSING TOP MODEL.  I am in love with this show.  I just happened to be just browsing youtube and came across this show.  I spent the next few hours watching .  I’m sure that I had some other activity planned that was far less important.   This took over.

We all know the ANTM premise. Right?  Of course we do? Random girls…yadayadayada airbrush wishes and YSL dreams. Well this is a modeling competition for disabled women.  SCORE for diversity!!!  8  beautiful women with model aspirations and varied disabilities are put in a  home and put to the test. 

Some of these ladies are deaf, missing limbs, brain traumas, and there is also one in a wheelchair.  There are no short cuts here, they go on go -sees,  model lingerie, and of course pose for photshoots.  I’m sure there is more to come.  I am only through episode 3 and I am already hoping for a second season.

Most importantly, there is drama.  Although not the please don’t cut my hair your ass is way too fat you were late for the designer OMG you fucked that male model in the hot tub kind of drama.   Ok maybe a bit.  There is also my disability is worse than your you look like a regular model stop whining you have to be a model first you took my translator and I’m deaf kind of drama.

Im a time when we are all -ok maybe a few of us- are worried about the model BLACKOUT, there is a needs to laude anyone making an attempt to bring diversity to the fashion industry.  It’s not just about one issue of Italian Vouge.

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