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What Straight Girls Can Learn from the Lezzies

March 20, 2009

Gay girls and straight girls are not that different.  No matter how much society attempts to marginalize any alternative lifestyle, there are still  major commalities. Come on,  we are all women. We have needs, wants, and qualities that are inherent in all humans. But there are a few things that we can stand to learn from each other.  So here are a few things that that straight women can learn from lesbians when it comes to relationships.


1. Oral sex is good for you.

There are few that will disagree that oral sex is great.  However, when it comes the reciprocating , many women will all but get a note from their doctor excusing them from taking the plunge.  I mean, come on ladies.  Did no one teach you the golden rule ?  Due unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Sex is always better when all parties involved  feels as though they have been taken care of adequately.

2. Gender roles are arcane societal myths.

But we all prescribe to them at some point in our lives.   They are ingrained in us.  No matter where you go  in the world, there are predetermined and often rigid  set roles  that one is expected to assume based solely on whether you have a wee wee or girl flower.   With lezzies, the expectations are a bit different.  The role that one plays in a relationship is one that is determined by the individual, whether consciously or subconsciously .  There are no traditional roles.  Deviating from tradition allows you to  explore your mates needs and you underlying desires  without either party being afraid that they are stepping to far out of bounds.

3. It ain’t none of your friends’ business/ aint none of your friends’ business.

Unless you are being beaten or held against your will, there is really no reason that everyone/anyone has to accept your relationship.   In same sex relationships, there is no shortage of folks that shutter to think that two people of the same sex are  in love.   People protest for hours on end against you , families disown you, sometimes people even feel a need to physically harm you.  The choice to come out of the closet is a big one and you never know what the result will be from those close to you.  It’s hard enough to know that there are thousands of people that publicly vilify you for your mere existence.

When it comes to your relationship, it is okay that people don’t understand why you love him.  They are not with him.  They are not part of your tender moments or the hard times that bring you together.   The way people view others is more about their own hang-ups.   There are dozens of reasons people feel a need to throw salt.  Sometimes it comes from a place of love.  Sometimes it’s simply that they cannot bare to see people happy. Whatever the reason, other folks  issues  are not revelent.  Follow your heart   When you are alone and loveless  these folks are not gonna cuddle up with you and watch America’s Next Top Model.

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  1. March 20, 2009 2:35 pm

    “Follow your heart When you are alone and loveless these folks are not gonna cuddle up with you and watch America’s Next Top Model.”


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