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Changing the Status Quo

March 22, 2009

Folks, I have finally up and done it.  I bit the bullet and joined the gym.  I must say that I am beyond excited and a very afraid.   Changes are scary.  I am looking to overhaul everythingabout me.  That means a serious lifestyle change.   The way I relate to food, live and move all must be reassessed  and improved.  Understand, I want this to be the LAST time that I have to lose a massive amount of weight.  Although I’ve attained moderate success over that last year with my weight loss endeavors.  (1) It’s really not enough.  (2)  I am caught in this cycle of gaining and losing the same twenty pounds.  I  am sure that these less than stellar results are due to my inability to make life changes.  It’s been a habit of mine to simply go with the path of least resistance.  I’d question what would be the easiest way to lose weight without disrupting the status quo too much.  That would be the path I’d take.  At this point in my life, its more about shaking things up a bit.  The last 2 years of my life have been the most difficult and I am looking to get out of this rut.  A situation cannot be changes if you continue to repeat the same processes. 

 Employing the help of professionals is the first step in Operation: Get Right. 


Wish me luck, folks.  I’m going in.

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