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When Facebook Does Me Good

March 27, 2009

Facebook was never my favorite social media site.  I just got one when I was in college because I was very active around campus and needed an outlet to promote this big things that I was doing. Upon graduating, I threw Facebook the deuces and moved on with my life with minimal social media activity. ( Until I found my current addiction, Twitter.)
There was a serious cringe factor each time I logged in (usually monthly) and see a friend request from some nondescript that I had gone to high school with. For some strange reason, I never deleted it. Maybe it was the inherent fear that most of us have, that we may miss something HUGE. That’s rarely the case, though. Were are usually just inundated with party invites, random “gifts” and requests form people that are selling things.

Sometimes, however, there is a jewel in there somewhere. Toady, I got a friend request from a close friend from high school. Be, clear! I really hate being in communication with anyone from my past. That includes people that I used to ag to high school or college with. I go out of my way to avoid  the town where I attended high school in fear that someone will want to talk to me or exchange numbers. It really makes my skin crawl.  But, when this person requested me I was instantly surprised and happy. Although, I was relatively popular in HS she made my hard time a bit more tolerable.  Maybe because it was be were both in the same situation and could commiserate together.  

Now, I am not necessarily jumping at the chance to do lunch with her or anything.  Just like to know thats she’s okay and a living a blessed life.

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