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About Phyaflyjones

I always feel  a bit narcissistic or terribly vulnerable when  writing these things.  One must resist the urge to toot their own horn too much or reveal ALL of their flaws…or begin sentences with “one” too often.  

 I’m a  hip-hop head by day and a starry-eyed neo-soul junkie by night.

Jersey girl to the core. 

Total yo-yo dieter…a walking contradiction, which is fine because I like to keep people guessing.

I have a potty mouth , a great sense of humor and a short temper. 

Caution:  This woman has the  tendency to break into song  and dance at any point. 

When I find a word that I like, I tend to overuse it until I find an apt replacement.

Connoisseur of everything fabulous.  

Total sports junkie.  I renounce my Piston fanhood at least 10x per season.  I always come back, though.

My TV is usually on ESPN, CNN, or the Food Network.

 Shoes are my vice and I love a good bag…This is why I now make them. BUY ONE …they are nice. WWW.REIGN.ETSY.COM. OH

and BTW…I use text language and ellipses often. I have a thing for a good metaphor and I love R.W. EMERSON and Walt Whitman.

My heroes are Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, Rebecca Walker, WEB DU Bois, Tupac Shakur and Virginia Woolf and anyone with the balls to be themselves. 

In conclusion, I suck at life but I am wicked awesome.

iWrite. iGrind. i Hustle

Love you, P, Jones

(Get Familiar)

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